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Westgate Primary

Staffing: 2016-2017

Headteacher: Mr K Hopkins

Assistant Headteacher: Miss S Jarman

Key Stage 1 Manager: Mrs K Tailor

Year 2 Teachers: Miss S Grainger and Mrs K Tailor

Year 1 Teachers: Mrs H Hailes and Miss M Adams

Foundation Stage Teachers: Mrs S Morgan,Mrs S Mumford and Miss J Fischer

Nursery Class Teachers: Miss S Jarman and Mrs D Bell


Nursery Class Teaching Assistant: Mrs K Daniels


Nursery Class Playworker: Ms V Maldonado

Part-time Teachers: Mrs S Mumford,Mrs S Morgan and Mrs D Bell

School Business Manager: Mrs A Merrington

School Administrator: Mrs A Birdseye

Year 2 Teaching Assistants: Mrs A Blake and Mrs J Brinson

Year 1 Teaching Assistants: Mrs A Clifford,Mrs k Kennard and Mrs H Harvey

Foundation Stage Teaching Assistants: Mrs J Jones, Mrs K Daniels and  Miss D Allen

Intervention Teaching Assistants: Mrs J Tilbury

SEN Support Assistants: Miss A D’Costa 

Language Assistants: Mrs R Jadeja

Learning Mentor: Mrs M Bassett

Caretaker: Mrs A Birdseye

Cleaners: Mrs Y Sedlacek
 Mrs F Qazi and Mrs P Russell

Midday Supervisors:
Mrs Y Sedlacek
Mrs F Ambreen
Mrs M Ryan

Mrs F Qazi

Mrs B Necker

Miss N Andrews

Miss T Harrington



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